About us

How we started?

Sri Om Care is part of Sri Om Foundation and was initiated in October 2006 and was formally launched in August 2007 at Blacktown. The main concept has been derived from the principles given by Sri Om Adi Sakthiyendra Swamigal. These concepts have been adapted from the parent organisation, Sri Om Adi Sakthi Ashram which is located in the South of India and has branches in New Zealand, Fiji, Canada and in Australia (Blacktown, NSW).The concept was a manifestaion of our Swamiji’s simple philosophy – “Humanity leads Divinity, Divinity leads to Unity”. The notion conveys the message that god is there in every living being. In serving society, we are serving God. In doing so, we are all living as one.

“Humanity leads Divinity, Divinity leads to Unity”

– HH Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal (Chairman)

Why Sriom?

Trained professionals

Sri Om Care brings the skills and expertise for caring for the elderly from the South Asian community. Our staff and large volunteer base showcase a range of qualifications and are able to communicate in many of the Indian languages.

High quality

Our services are recommended by numerous health professionals, government organisations and community groups. We are committed to provide the best possible care for seniors and in assisting them with active ageing


Sri Om has been actively serving the community since 2006. A majority of our staff and volunteers have over 15 years experience in the health and community sectors.

Our Objectives

Providing direct relief and moral support to the people in distress due to family crisis, drug related problems, health reasons, social isolation, social adjustment problems, due to physical and moral abuse, disability or helplessness and other natural or man-made crisis situation. Such direct relief will include but NOT limited to:
  1. Provide hostel accommodation for the homeless persons
  2. Provide home help for the aged and the infirm / disabled persons
  3. Provide transport to the sick, infirm, disabled and aged persons
  4. Provide assistance to those elderly, abused or ill-treated
  5. Provide Respite services to the aged, infirm and disabled persons

Our mission

By virtue of these major objects, our mission has been to
Provide support to seniors
Provide Aged Care & Retirement Support
Run Health Programs
Provide Community Care & Support

Latest Annual report

We believe in being transparent to the community and the people who look up to us to deliver key services. Our annual report is open for the public to understand our worth and our direction for the future.

Board of directors

HH Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal Chairman
HH Sriom Gnana Sakthiyendra Swamigal President
Mr. Jay Raman Vice President
Dr. Gayathri Chandru Treasurer
Ms. Vidya Raghavan Director – Public relations
Mr. Srini Vasudevan Director – Training and education

Working Comittee

Shweta Sharma Team Leader – Respite programs
Sudarshan Nelaturi Grants and tenders manager
Aarthi VasudevanHome and Community Care Services

Previous directors/members

   Mr. Surinder Jain
   Mr. Vish Viswanathan
   Dr. Sadhana Desai
   Mr. Girish Mathur